• Founded Roadmap Solutions to fill a void in the market for affordable, easy to use trade promotion management software.
  • Focus on Consumer Products Companies
  • Mission is to help sales teams effectively communicate
    • Promotion planning
    • Reporting
    • Applications to push information out, collect information from field
    • Applications to streamline planning
    • Major clients: Pillsbury, CNS, Multifoods
  • Founded Roadmap Solutions to bring a TPM software system to the market

Roadmap Solutions Builds Solid Business Solutions 

Our specialty is effective trade promotion solutions. We know the industry's trade promotion practices, and how you need to spend money to get your products on the shelves. We've designed an application that can be used as-is or customized to suit your specific needs for truly managing your trade promotion expense.

Trade management systems are just one type of solution we offer. Our broader expertise is in helping businesses communicate critical information to their employees, customers, and business partners in whatever form that takes (applications, websites, CDs, presentations, reporting, eLearning, etc.). We design performance-centered solutions that offer visual appeal, technical soundness, ease of use, flexibility, and practical application.

The Right Mix of Talents for the Right Solutions

Roadmap Solutions is comprised of a unique blend of talented creative, technical, and analytical people. We work with your team to develop customized trade and promotion management solutions that are solidly engineered, yet flexible. 

We've been designing systems for sales teams in the consumer packaged goods industry for over 20 years. Our seasoned, cross-disciplinary team draws on the best of both cutting-edge technology and effective delivery methods to create systems that are practical and user-focused, yet comprehensive, highly accurate, and action-oriented.